Tree Trimming Services

We specialize in all areas of Tree Health Care and this includes a variety of types of trimming and pruning. There are many reasons that one might want or need to trim a tree on their property. Here are some reasons for tree trimming:


Safety Pruning

This includes removing all dangerous or dead branches that could cause to people or possibly damage property. In many types of trees it is natural for there to be dying or dead branches as years pass. Removing them is important for several reasons. Besides the obvious, which is that they can cause harm if they fall, dead wood in trees in an entry point for many pests and diseases. Neglected a tree in need of this type of pruning can cost many more problems in the future and can also wind up costing more money to deal with in the long run.

Crown Cleaning

This type of trimming removes branches that are inside the canopy of the tree. It allows for a certain amount of sunlight to get to the interior of the tree and also helps create a better airflow throughout the canopy. Airflow is importance because it helps the tree from catching more wind and greatly reduces the chances of uprooting and getting damaged in storms. Not to mention having that a crown cleaning down properly can greatly increase the aesthetic value of the tree.


There are many types of trees in this region and depending on the genus and species you are dealing with, there are different ways to shape e tree to enhance its overall health and appearance. We have a licensed Arborist that can tell you the best plan for your specific trees. We work together with our customers and can make a plan for the trees and plants on your property based on your needs and your vision.

Ornamental Tree Trimming

There are many flowering trees that contribute to beautiful coloring and scenery in the Spring. There are methods for trimming different varieties ornamentals that can maximize the flowering process each year. As Tree Care Professionals we know the best timing for this and have the specialized equipment needed.

Mighty Oak Tree & Lawn Care provides tree trimming services in and around Fairfield & New Haven County. Call us now at (203) 816-8040 to learn more!

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