Lawn Health Care Programs

Our lawn health care programs are individualized specific to your needs, to help you get the quality lawn you desire. Different lawns call for different plans, but the overall goal is the same: strong turf with healthy roots that requires the least amount of applications in the long run. We highly recommend 2 things for all of our lawn care customers. The first being that we aerate and overseed your lawn each Fall – which makes your lawn less susceptible to weeds and creates a fuller and stronger lawn. We also recommend an ongoing lawn care program to help cater to your lawn’s seasonal needs, which typically includes crabgrass & grub control, liming, and fertilization.

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding can take your lawn to the next level – making grass fuller and stronger, which in turn makes it much more difficult for weeds to exist. We recommend the overseeding only be done in the Fall because you need to combat the weeds and crabgrass in the Spring to allow for the best growing environment. Temperatures in the fall are also cooler, which provided excellent growing conditions.

Lawn Health Care Program

Spring Lime Application (March/April)

This lime application helps correct the soil after the long winter and gets the pH level at an optimal level to begin the growing season. We highly recommend starting off every season with a lime application for your yard.

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control (April)

Crabgrass is the main obstacle people face when trying to create a nice healthy turf. The only way to treat crabgrass without ripping out your entire lawn is to treat it before it emerges. Once crabgrass germinates, it’s there for the entire year. We treat crabgrass with a granular application that is mixed with fertilizer which helps existing grass gain strength while not allowing crabgrass to grow. We also provide a spot treatment of weeds with our pre-emergent crabgrass application.

Post-Emergent Crabgrass Control (May)

This is the same application one month later, when weed growth it at its peak. Just as the pre-emergent crabgrass application, our post-emergent crabgrass application gives extra support to the soil for keeping back crabgrass, fertilizes the grass, and provides weed control.

Grub Control (June/July)

Grubs can destroy a lawn in two ways. First, by directly feeding on the grass roots. Second, grubs attract hungry birds and rodents, which can tear up your lawn while feeding on the grubs (this is not always the case, but can be typical with large populations of grubs in your turf).

Liming (August/September)

Liming is a very important application, as it helps keep the soil maintain a healthy pH balance. Soils in Connecticut tend to be very acidic, which makes for an environment that favors weeds more than grass. Our liming application helps reduce the acidity in your lawn’s soil.

Fall Fertilization (October/November)

Our fall fertilization application gives your soil the nutrients it needs to stay strong through the winter. The nitrogen in the fertilizer allows the grass to fight against different snow molds and fungi that develop during the long winters in Connecticut.

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