Hemlock Treatments

We recommend anyone that has Hemlock trees, regardless of how healthy the trees are, has them sprayed with Horticultural Oil. Its is a Non-Toxic Application that protects the Hemlocks from the infamous Woolly Adelgids. This is a pest that has ravaged hemlock tree populations in New England. They are very easy to spot, as the egg sacks look like little bits of cotton on the needles. Even if you can’t spot any of these pests on your Hemlocks, you should still treat them regularly because they travel through the wind and can’t infest entire neighborhoods Hemlock Populations very quickly.

We recommend 2 horticultural oil applications per year. One in April and the another in October. For extreme infestations or trees that are in areas that are difficult to get to, we offer a variety of systemic applications. These are done by applying the material into the soil at the base of the tree or the bark at the bottom of the tree. The Hemlocks simply take up the material throughout the entire tree and protect it from pests.

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