Tick Spraying Services

Ticks have been becoming more and more of an increasingly dangerous issue in CT. We deal with tick in all areas of the state and strongly recommend treating your property for them. We especially recommend treatment for households with dogs and children and where deer might be known to roam around. Deer are known to carry “Deer Ticks” (Ixodes Scapularis) which are the ticks that are known for infecting people with Lyme Disease, along with other less known diseases.

Organic Tick Treatments

We give our customers the option to use non-toxic and environmentally friendly options for tick prevention on their property. For this type of treatment the amount of applications per season depends greatly on a few factors, including the size of the property and how much of a wooded area you are in. We individualize treatment plans for each of our customers.

There are options other than organic tick treatments for more extreme tick infestations. We simply assess the situation and make the best plan to keep your property as safe as possible

Treating properties for ticks requires knowledge of the life cycle and habits of ticks. We are licensed to treat properties for ticks and we encourage education regarding the matter. Call us today at (203) 816-8040 to learn more about our tick spraying programs.

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