Commercial Tree & Turf Management Services

As Arborists with years of experience in the commercial field, we know what needs to be done to keep properties safe and beautiful. We cover all areas when it comes to tree and turf care, and understand the needs of all different types of communities. Plus, when you work with Mighty Oak you get services provided that most companies just don’t bother to do. We do free periodic inspections of our commercial properties that come with written detailed observations and recommendations for anything regarding the health of your trees and turf.

As professional Arborists and Turf Experts we look out for things such as:

Safety – We make sure dead wood and/or dangerous branches or even whole trees be taken care of properly.

Treatment Plans – We create individual treatment plans for any issues that need to be addressed for your trees and/or turf. We try to be as organic as possible with our applications and are very conscious of all residents and patrons.

Turf Management – We are not just Arborists, but we are also experts in turf management and know what it takes to have strong healthy grass on your property. Our goal is to get you to a point where it is low maintenance and virtually weed free.

Pedestrian Walking Space – We make sure that low branches on all trees are high enough for people to walk under without injuring themselves and we keep light posts cleared, so there is adequate light for people walking at night.

Sight Lines – We find, in all commercial settings, it is important to have good clear lines of vision where people are driving around corners or going through intersections. We make sure there are no sight obstructions due to branches or overgrowth and that there is a safe driving environment for everyone.

Air Flow – We make sure that trees get properly pruned, and this includes crown cleaning. Removing interior branches can allow wind to go through trees easier so they are much less likely to be blown over during storms. Thereby making for a safer environment. We also keep trees and plants from growing too close to buildings and causing mold and scratches. This type of maintenance can save communities tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Aesthetics – We take pride in doing what we do. We know how to make your plants, trees and grass look great. We know the importance of aspects such as shade, getting optimal flowering, and adding to the value of your property. We pride ourselves in being absolute professionals.

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