Many people do not know that it is totally fine to hire an Arborist to trim their trees that belong to the town. In many cases, town budgets do not allow for the staff or the time to trim ornamental trees that are not hazardous (most towns are only permitted to deal with trees that are dangerous).

In almost all cases you just need permission from the town to have an Arborist trim the tree and you are free to have it done. If you do not want to bother making the call, we are happy to do it for you at no extra cost. We deal with town officials on a daily basis and know the process that needs to take place. All you have to do is call us with a description of the tree you would like to have trimmed and we will take care of the rest. We can trim trees in many different ways – adding to the value of your home. Ornamental trees, such as Cherry Trees, Pear Trees, Redbuds, Magnolias, etc. are our specialty. We can keep them at an ideal size, with plenty of room to walk under, and with excellent flowering each year.

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