Not sure if you should trim your own trees? Sometimes your tree problem is best left to a pro whose is trained in maintenance and other complex issues.

Homeowners can easily do small jobs, but you should leave some jobs that to professionals who are trained to trim trees. Removing trees from your property can be especially dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

According to a study completed by the the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more people are killed while trimming trees than doing any other logging activity.

You’ll definitely want to seek out a professional tree-cutting service if you run across the following scenarios.

1. Your trees are close to your house or neighbor’s house

Most tree limbs are long and heavy, a combination that’s troublesome if these branches are close to your roof or your neighbor’s roof. You’ll certainly face liability issues if one of your limbs falls on the roof of your neighbor’s house and causes a substantial amount of physical damage.

Consider hiring a professional contractor to prevent this from happening.

2. Trees are near power lines or underground cabling

Take a look around your property. Do you notice any overhead power lines nearby? Are any of your tree limbs near them? Working around power lines is extremely dangerous. If the trees that you’re working on come in contact with power lines, it can cause a major electrical outage—and electrocute you in the process.

Consider buried cables during tree removal, as well as gas lines, sprinkler system pipes and sewer lines. Homeowners don’t always realize that tree roots are often entangled with these cables and pipes.

Uprooting a tree without the proper knowledge and training will damage the lines and pipes to your home. A professional company knows best how to find and mark cables, pipes and lines.

3. You lack the equipment and knowledge to do the job effectively

Don’t take tree cutting. Protect your landscaping and avoid damaging your limbs by hiring a tree-service worker with specialized education and training. A professional can care for and maintain the integrity of trees.

His or her job is to help homeowners not only remove tree limbs but prune roots and barks. The tree expert can give professional advice on removing trees that interfere with roads and sidewalks.

These skilled workers use special equipment to remove trees safely. Pole saws, clippers, hand saws and shears are the types of tools needed to do the job effectively.

The typical climbing gear consists of spikes, which allow the workers to climb up and down a tree easily and a network of ropes. Safety equipment is also important. A safety harness and a rope are used to catch the worker if he or she falls.

4. You’re unsure of tree-trimming laws

Are you familiar with the tree-cutting property laws in your state? You may be required to have a tree pruning or tree removal permit to prune or remove certain trees.

You not know about zoning code regulations and a tree preservation and protection ordinance in your county.

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